Had a great time shooting in LA a week ago for tgirlpinups.com It was my first shoot with the retro inspired look. It was fabulous and I finally got to wear my red hair! Its still a work in progress but I LOVED how they turned out! Kisses, Sarina

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  • Alex:

    it took me a long time to realise your a ts.
    you stand above the others and contend for hottest girl in the biz, your sexy

  • DarknessD3:

    Just saying in the nicest way possible i dont think i would be able to stop fucking your super sexy body 😉

  • Rona:


  • Vic:

    Dear Sarina,

    I am not in your scene at all but I am quite comfortable with women who have been born into male bodies and vice versa. I am also a member of British Naturism and wanted an image to illustrate a person happy with her body and I used these two of you.


    Thought I would do a little more research and was delighted to come across this truly beautiful picture of you.

    The forum is strictly members only and so I can only paste this copy of my message:-

    Could the current thread about tattoos and piercings be linked to the previous one? In that thread considerable concern was expressed about extreme body modification including jewellery such as huge Prince Alberts etc.

    What are your views about extending diversity to include she-males?

    How would you differentiate between a woman having DD breast enhancements to a person of female orientation seeking breasts for the first time?

    “We would be more comfortable with a woman content with her body despite retaining a male penis than we would be with a male drawing attention to his genitals by extreme piercings”

    I’m a happily married man and admit to being 50+ but send you a virtual hug and kiss xxx

    PS you would have to behave at British Naturist events – no blowjobs or sex just look as pretty as you are!

  • stephen:

    You as always take my breathe away. I so wish that i could meet you. Pleasuring you would be a wonderful thing. Much Love xoxoxo

  • A"non:

    Hey, love you and your work would love to “meet” you but i’m on the lower end of the income scale so sadly I don’t think that will ever happen 🙁

  • Cummer:

    Wow… I find myself cummming back for more and more. You are the ONLY tgirl that has captured my attention.

  • You are the most beautiful and the sexiest T-girl ever. I love your big ass and perfect tits in mouth every day. I’ve enjoyed playing with you and sucking your hot cock many
    times!!!! Love you!!!! -Johnny J

  • Little A:

    Pure perfection! You are the ultimate little pleasure princess, fuckable in any situation by anybody. Won’t you please take me as your slave? I’ll put on hose and heels so you can fuck my boy pussy with your sissy cock.

  • Chris:

    I love the retro style as I am older. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Brian:

    Of all the shemales I’ve laid eyes on in the adult biz you are a wonderful breath of fresh air! Those gorgeous blue eyes go so well with your beautiful face and nice fair complexion. I hope you stay around for a long time to keep entertaining those who worship you! Just as a suggestion coming from an Asian guy, would you be open to doing an interracial sex scene with an Asian male? On a visual level I believe this would make for something both different and incredible. Hugs and love. Brian

  • Kommotes:

    I hope we get to see some photosets of your red hair soon. It is stunning. Would love to hear what went into your decision to go red. Would you ever consider a photoset that takes you from bed to shower to hair set and makeup to dressed to kill? I guess it would be the reverse of the usual scenes but very intriguing and sexy. Thanks for your wonderful look and creativity!

  • UKGeek:

    Hey Sarina

    You look gorgeous in this photo and if ever you are in the UK – do let us know, coz I’m sure there’s many UK guys like me that think you’re hot!

  • mody:

    you are very beauty

  • ASAN:

    hello sarina

    I am a big fan of your
    and i think you’re the most beautiful shemal in the world
    I have more than 70 picture for you
    I hope to meet you one day

    ASAN from saudi arabia

  • Maximus2uk:

    Hey Sarina. Just love the red hair.
    You look amazing in the video.

  • Hallo Wunderschöne frau bist so sexy lady bewunderwert deine schönheit

  • hallo schöne frau mit dem geheimnis es ist ein traum von mir eine wie dich kennen zulernen und ,,,,,,,das ist eine frage

    danke wunderschöne frau

  • Paul W.:

    The hottest pinup girl on earth!!!! wish I could be one of those pearls on your necklace….gorgeous…the show must go on….!

  • Hergé:

    In my eyes, you are and will always be the most beautiful girl in the world. I’d love to get to know ya, but I’m 10,000 miles away… I was blown away by your face the first time I saw it 🙂

    Your ‘normal’ videos on youtube served as an inspiration for me to believe in my personal luck, you convey something that’s hard to describe, but it helped me to keep on going when I was very down and pondered end of life.
    Unfortunately I’ve lost your youtube profile, or is it cancelled (thought it was PorcelainVanity)?

    Hugs, and all the best!

  • Natan:

    you are sexy Sexy Sexy Sexy…

  • Natan:

    Sarina you and the most beautiful I’ve ever seen

  • Natan:

    you are very beautiful

  • ALF from mars:

    Nice hot photo

    A Shoting in wedding dress would also nice 😉

  • Pablito89:

    im a new member and new fan of yours but i have to say that i think that red hair is ridiculously fucking sexy on you. you look like a red haired version of marilyn monroe.

  • Sean:

    this pic so inspired me. in what way, you’ll haveta wait & see later ;-D

  • Adam:

    wow perfect is just all that needs to be said

  • John:

    Wow Sarina,

    You look so beautiful. Will you be posting more pics?


  • Kakashi ts:

    really gorgeaus bb, l wish you could have gotten some wind under your skirt hahaha
    kep on your vids, I hope you make hotter ones,and by the way I cant find your schoolgirl with mr franklin video any where can you tell me where to find it?
    I love you on that schoolgirl clothes

  • Steve:

    Oh wow, you look stunning with red hair. It’s such a vivid shade too, makes me think of cherries. I like the hairstyle you went with too, you look like a scarlet haired Marilyn Monroe. Absolutely gorgeous Sarina.

  • Well, I am feeling a little depressed (sighs) it’s ok though, I am just writing because I am trying to make myself feel better. The real reason I wanted to say something is because I have this idea! I do not know if it is in your style or if you think it is strange or to fantastical but I want to share it with you because I like your style, you do erotic/adult art, and I think it is kinda’ cool… here. Now, if one had access to the necessary resources. (I think your friend sean should like this one, I hope anyway) A fantasy shoot of mine is to get a model and a pc wiz together and take photos of an adult oriented situation where the model appears to be…. a vampire…. (sighs) do it bobby… Now, at first this dose not seem to be to fantastical though, right??? I like the idea because in the legend a vampire has the ability to heal it self… I .. if I could. Would like to make believe the subject is in a “foreplay” like mode where it would be teasingly performing fellatio upon a dagger! O.o lots of blood and kinda’ sadistic but I think that it would be a wonderful shoot and process of discovery… I feel kinda’ dorky telling you about my ideas but it is ok… I feel like you understand that it is just an idea and I like to share. So, as usual do NOT feel like you need to tell me your opinion! but I would love to hear you input as you have actual modeling experience! kisses and hugs… your fan zombobby 😀

    • I have just shot a set with TS seduction that is very vampy with latex, you should check it out! I am going to incorporate many different styles in the future. thank for your sexy advice, I like that too! xxx

  • You look awesome, and super gorgeous!

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