I’ve got some news for you… fem-bots have feelings too! 😉 So I got an email from Robotman who teamed up with well known comic book artist A.B. Lust and created a sexually explicit shemale android sex comic! Pretty neat huh? I always thought cartoons and “hentai” was pretty hot a while back but now I am starting to think so again too after seeing this! woah! I like how the comic has mini bios of each android, it kind of reminds me of when I used to look at the stats of video game characters where they explain there special techniques and bios. Apparently I am a type F Advanced infiltration android who is programmed for espionage, combat and SEX also programmed to siphon financial assets from a human! WOW very cool! surprisingly thats what I do in my every day life!!! So this comic is pretty damn realistic huh? Sarina the sexy powerful android Im totally liking this! Well heres some images of the comic. I will post the ones with me highlighted and then also post the full comic along with the link to there website below.

Apparently my wordpress is not letting me upload more then this one picture above. Possibly the file size? Hmmm Ill get down to editing this post again shortly with more comic Images.
If you would like to read the FULL comic and see more images of my sexy android inspired character, follow this link below to read it!


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