Last night I had a blast shooting yet another hot scene with ts Foxxy. She is one of my favorite transsexual performers I have worked with so far not only because she’s good at what she does but she is just so fun in general to hang out with. Very open and very easy going and fun are the kind of girls im attracted too 🙂 Below I will include 2 youtube videos of when we did our first shoot together when I decided to start my website end of summer in 2010. Going to LA for the first time was such an exciting and new experience considering I came from a smaller city and finding people that I connected with was my top priority since everything was still pretty new to me! Anyway check them out! and stay tuned for some candid videos of me and foxxy and also the new shoot we did which was alot of fun!

Here is a fun video of a picture collection a youtuber has made of me, check it out 🙂

I also recently did another podcast interview with Ty and Jay of soundtrack of the week. There both pretty hilarious to listen too and in my interview I got to talk about some good topics! It was a very long interview (aprox. 40 min) But they both said they could have easily made it longer since they enjoyed talking to me. Well I just think I like to talk peoples ears off in general these days. Check out the podcast here! I am featured in episode 37. There website is : in which you can listen to the podcast there through there website. Enjoy!
Until then my loves! S. Valentina

I’d like to say Happy Valentines day to every one! I had a wonderful weekend traveling back to the studio to create some beautiful new prints, photos & sets for my website! As always its a pleasure working with SMC crew, Love ya! *kisses* to those who are broken/empty hearted on this day… Things will get better! Make sure you show your lover much appreciation! Heres a sneak peak of a shoot I did this weekend! Enjoy!!!!

I just want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, may all your dreams come true! Feel free to share your new years resolution or any crazy Holiday stories or rituals you like to do?! Let me know whats up! Also I made a cute mini-vid of some sucking action, I took one night while home in my bed.. Enjoy!Bedroom BJ play

quick update from Sarina Valentina on Vimeo.

This new year is moving so fast, full of scenes, shoots and glamour. What more could a girl want? Its so fun and I enjoy every minute of it. Here is a pic of my first DVD cover by SMC productions. You must check it out! I always liked the design of there DVD’s 🙂 Heres a pic!

some cool Art 🙂

So my new updates are most likely going to be V-logs for the future posted in this blog section of my website, feel free to follow along and comment and chat about anything X0X0 Sarina

I had a great time in Vegas! My trip is almost over -sadly- , but most important I made a new friend Bailey Jay! She is super sweet and very fun to shoot with! We had a good time joking and playing and it was great to be back on the west, I really love Vegas so much, it kind of reminds me of Arizona how its flat with mountains around and super sunny. Bailey even told me there’s a 24-hour nail salon called “get nailed” I was like wow! how much better could this be. You could go anytime of the night! LOL we also ran into random board shakers, interesting bums who have insane begging pleas in mid traffic and dyed green rocks made to simulate greenery like the east or something. Weird! So we took a cute video of us just going shopping before our shoot at The Venetian suite on the strip that night. I will also include a teaser pic of the soon to be released photo-set of me and Bailey, on my site! The actual video it self will be released on the side early week of November, Just to keep you all posted! Enjoy, because I definitely did! She is one sexy girl!

Sarina Valentina in Latex

So i am sitting here enjoying a nice cup of cold green tea with jasmine! I am very excited to announce the opening of my site. I am just so finally happy to be doing something that I enjoy and putt off for a while. Its a nice feeling to feel secure in what decisions in life you make and for once I finally feel good about this.

The opening of my site, shooting, traveling more and becoming more independent as a person. Im ecstatic to present to you more of me through out my blossoming career in whatever more I decide to do and as well as with the site, Its just a feeling of internal happiness believing in yourself and being confident in what you do that’s how I really feel inside :-).
I talk to you all as friends not as “fans” because I really do appreciate the depth of responses I have been getting from such wonderful people who support me its a great feeling to talk to new people and hear such positivity.
I know I may sound like a life coach haha but I just want people to come to my blog and in anyway, shape or form have a bit of it rub off of them and enjoy it.
Well with pleasure I present to you my site, thank you all so much and cheers!

Truly , Sarina Valentina

I just wanted to thank those of you who have helped me out with my wishlist! It really means alot considering I’m shooting and really need new sexy outfits and shoes and toys! Plus other personal things to make it great! Anyone who has helped I have your name and info and I will be sending you something back in the mail personally for you to enjoy! Thank you for your support! S. Valentina

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